About Our Company

T2 Web is a full service web solutions entity, incorporated in 2005. Our core business is in web design and development – encompassing delightful user experience, front-end design, technical implementation, maintenance and e-marketing. We listen attentively and work with our clients and their users to understand both their needs.

Our Team

At T2 Web, we believe that our people are our greatest assets. We pay special attention to work-life balance as we know it allows our team members to be more motivated and less stressed out at work. Furthermore, our gym memberships allow us to spend quality time bonding and staying healthy together.

Our Process


(1) Listen & Plan

We start by listening to your requirements (meeting your team in person or over tele-conference). Where possible, we will highlight any questions or potential issues at start. Thereafter, we will prepare the quotation, along with the approach, sitemap, function specifications, planned schedule and other detailed breakdown.


(2) Research & Test

Before starting on the design proper, we will advise some user research and testing to be done. Research and interviews with existing users/customers will allow us to gain insights on what are the current pain points and identify what might be lacking in the existing system. These information will allow us to better propose a more efficient solution.


(3) Design & Build

For the more complex projects, we will suggest wireframing to ensure a smooth user experience. During wireframing, we will also present a visual flow of the user screens (or customer journey map) for easier understanding. Thereafter, we will proceed to actual stylised layouts, with up to X rounds of reviews and refinement.

(4) Development & Coding

At this stage, we will start on coding and convert the layouts into the product, application or website. To ensure that the development of the product is on schedule, development will be based on the layouts and flow agreed as earlier phases.


(5) User Acceptance Testing

Previews will be sent for interaction and confirmation before the product is good to be launched (or website, good  to go LIVE). Detailed user test cases will need to be prepared for systematic testing, to ensure that the product/website is adequately ready for launch.


(6) Launch & Post-Launch

After the website or product is launched, we will still offer reasonable amount of support to ensure that the product/website performs in order, and as expected. Where possible, maintenance packages will be made available upon request.