Introducing Litmus

We have been using Litmus for quite a while now and I would just like to share the wonderful tool with others in the industry (if you don’t already know of it).

For designers, Litmus allows you to easily design and code and TEST your code across multiple mail clients.

There is a convenient web-based editor that provides instant previews in multiple email clients.

Litmus Builder

Image credit: Litmus

With these¬†instant previews, you can trouble-shoot across multiple clients quickly rather than having to actually install and send to the different mail clients. This can really save a lot of time when you are sending email blasts. So far Litmus has been pretty accurate for us to check our clients’ email codes, before we send them out to our clients for actual checking.

We strongly recommend Litmus for businesses who intend to do email marketing.

By the way, do you know Litmus can also be used for webpages – for cross-browser checks? Isn’t it useful?