PDPA Series: 35 Exposures

Extending the PDPA Series, this simple visual will be allow you to easily digest the possible personal data exposures your organisation might have.

PDPA 35 Exposures

Reference: Straits Interactive

Physical Audit
A simple physical audit at your organisation might highlight some of these exposures. Some of the common risks as below:

  • Submissions box – is it securely locked?
  • Sign-in books – are the personal data of the visitors exposed?
  • In/Out trays – any sensitive information easily accessible to anyone who walks past your table?
  • Work desks – any confidential information lying around (paper or portable drives), with no lock or password protection?
  • Scanners/copiers/fax machines – are there any sensitive¬†documents unattended or forgotten?
  • Key press – how accessible are the keys?
  • File cabinets – are confidential documents locked, or are the keys still in the keyholes?
  • Recycle/waste bins – are the sensitive documents shredded, are there personal documents in the recycle bin available for reuse?


Stay tuned with this engaging series while we continue to explore and share more about PDPA.