PDPA Series: Accuracy Obligation


Organisations must take reasonable efforts to accurately record the personal data that is collect. In addition, the organisation will need to ensure that it collects all relevant personal data (i.e. the data should be complete); and that the data needs to be accurate. If possible, seek to update the information when necessary.

It is important for the personal data collected to be accurate and complete, especially if the data is used to make a decision that will affect the individual involved; or if the personal data is disclosed to another organisation. Imagine the situation where a bill is sent to the incorrect mailing address or incorrect email address, this crisis can be averted if the personal data is kept up-to-date.

Organisations will also need to be more careful when the personal data is hand-written, or when the source is not from the individual directly.

A sure-fire way to ensure that the personal data of your customers or your staff are up-to-date is to conduct regular personal data update exercises. In addition, the organisation can allow individuals to view the personal data collected and update their information easily.