Tips to Sending A Successful E-newsletter Campaign

In this post, we will share some tips on sending out a successful email campaign. This post is going to be useful for the companies who are sending out newsletters for the first time. If you are already sending out e-newsletters, these tips might wake you up to why your campaigns do not work as well as you wanted them to.

Focus on One Message with A Clear Call To Action
Do not try to include too much content in your newsletter. Most recipients simply glaze through the rest of the content. Place your most important content at the top of the newsletter if you have to include a few messages.

Call To Action EDM

Painless Unsubscribe
Unsubscribing from your newsletter should be easy and painless. First of all, you should only send to recipients who signed up to be on your mailing list. With the permission of your recipients, the chances of your newsletter being marked as spam will be greatly reduced.

In addition, unsubscribing should be immediate. Recipients would be frustrated if they receive another newsletter when they had already subscribed.

Consistency is key
Use a template for your newsletters. 
This is good for brand consistency and also for customers to remember and recognise your brand.

In terms of sending out newsletters, make sure that you send them consistently. It is advisable to send out newsletters at least once a month so your subscribers will remember your company and not easily junk your newsletters.

If you are sending out on a specific day and time, make sure that the subsequent mail campaigns are on the same day and same time.

According to statistics, the best day for sending out newsletters are Tuesdays or Wednesdays. People are usually busy on Mondays (no time to read your newsletter), come Thursdays and Fridays, they are mostly on weekend mode – hence your newsletters will be more likely to get more clicks on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Other Technicalities

  • Make sure that the links in your newsletters are working.
  • You should also test your newsletter in several email clients, as well as the popular Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.
  • Where possible, customise the recipient’s name so they know they are the intended recipient.
  • Use only inline CSS stylesheets.
  • Use absolute URLs in your newsletters.