What Makes A Good Landing Page?

Landing pages are focused web pages, which a user ‘lands’ in. It could be a single website page designed with a specific focus. The main purpose of a landing page is to direct users to a clear objective. Landing pages are optimized for conversions, leading to  more signups and more sales.

How do you make a good landing page then?

Campaign Monitor Landing

ELSE Landing

Page Design
Keep your page design simple – have ONE main goal and keep ONE primary message on the page. Remove distractions and reduce confusion. Some landing pages even remove the menu links and navigation to help users focus on the more important page elements.

Ensure that users know what your website/company is about when they land on your website. Make a lasting first impression. Have a headline that clearly states the benefits of your product/service.

You can go a step further and gather trust by displaying the logos of established brands you have worked with.

Human Landing

Images and Videos
Have a beautiful full screen image background or a good-quality video that explains what your company does, or how it works.

PayPal Landing

Calls To Action (CTA)
Your CTA should be clear, big and persuasive. users should know immediately what they are supposed to see or click.

Dropbox Landing

If you are using a form, how many fields do you need in he form? Keep your form short because fewer fields will lead to higher conversions.

If you are using simple buttons, try to use action-oriented words such as “Get”, “Start” to invite users to click on them.