Why your EDM shouldn’t be made up of all images

A lot of companies like to send electronic direct mailers (EDM) made up entirely of images. The 2 top reasons why you shouldn’t be doing that:

1) Cannot see images

By default, some webmails and mail clients have images blocked by default. Recipients will need to click on the Load images for the images to load, otherwise they cannot see the images. If recipients can’t see the images, your campaign will be lost.

Missing Image

2) Detect as spam

There is a higher chance that this email consisting of entirely images will be marked as spam by spam bots. This means your recipients might not even see your email. The email goes directly into their Spam/Junk folder.


SO, how do you combat this issue? 

We will always advise clients against all-images and go for a HTML email with (selectable) text and images.


  • It is easy for you to update the copy since the text is editable and selectable. You can then easily resend/forward them out on your own.
  • If the recipient has the images turned off, they can still read the text.
  • With less images, the email will load faster.


Some examples of attractive HTML emails:

Lexusclub EDM


Starbucks EDM

In addition, with every email, please remember to include your contact details (address), and a link for recipients to unsubscribe (this is very important), AND a HTML Version should the user NOT be able to view anything, they can still fallback on the HTML version. For more tips on sending email campaigns, please read our earlier post.